Tracy Wang
Supervisor of Enrichment Program
Ms. Wang has worked in English language education, international education, and educational administration fields for 15 years. She graduated from Beihua University, and completed her post-graduate study at Renmin University of China majoring in Educational Economics and Management . She has taught college-level English for 6 years, and designed and implemented multiple Sino-American collaborative course projects. Moreover, she lead many cooperative projects with different universities, such as Stanford University, George Washington University, Miami University, University of Missouri, and Liberty University. She played a leading role in compiling MAX Study Abroad - American High School and Core Vocabulary, and participated in the compilation of SSAT Practice Tests. Ms. Wang will integrate her understanding for overseas course programs and activities as well as her rich project management experiences into the design and management of Kaiwen enrichment program, so as to provide students with the most valuable and exciting enrichment programs.
Elle Zhao
Enrichment Program Officer
Ms. Zhao earned a Bachelor Degree from Northeast Normal University, majoring in English Translation. After graduation, she pursued her Master Degree in Interpreting and Translating in Newcastle University, one of the best universities in the area of translation and interpreting. Thanks to her 3 years of overseas experience and translation and interpreting work experience, Ms. Zhao has formed an inclusive and open attitude and deeply believes the importance of “stay curious”. Besides, Ms. Zhao has also participated in several volunteer projects, including a cetacean protection and research project in Costa Rica. Ms. Zhou would like to bring her experience into Enrichment Program in Kaiwen and aims to find more and better overseas and domestic courses for students.
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